Champadevi school in Mahabir

In the last 2 years, the number of children in Duble at the Jana Jyoti school has dropped sharply to 35 children. The reason was the reconstruction of the school after the earthquake in 2015, which caused most children to go to the Champadevi school in the village of Mahabir. This school is about an hour’s walk from Duble.

During our visit in 2017 we also stop on our way to Duble in Mahabir, where we visit the Champadevi school.

There we were met shortly after noon with flowers and katas.

Because a large majority of the children from Duble also use this school, we and the bearers distributed various school supplies and healthy care items to all 89 school children.

The faces of the happy children showed that they were very happy with the towel, toothbrush with pasta, comb or brush, nail brush, soap with wash ball and school supplies.


Several teachers from Duble had also switched to this school. The school looked well cared for and there was a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. There was no dictatorial atmosphere and they radiated that too.

The expectation is that we will support this school for the next 2 years, until everything in Duble is rebuilt and back on track.


Due to the coronavirus, a visit to Nepal was unfortunately not possible.

For the 2020/2021 school year, we had Kame buy the necessary school supplies on behalf of the Milijuli Foundation. Kame also ensured that all children received these items on time.

As soon as the situation allows, we will visit the school personally again.


During our working visit in November, to the Champadevi school in Mahabir, Leo and Anita saw that the school was expanding the school with extra classes with the help of the Nepalese government.

We personally gave all children a bag filled with the necessary school supplies and hygiene items. It was again a party for everyone and the lesson for that day was closed early.

The school also received a new laptop with the necessary teaching materials in English.

Before our departure to Nepal, we had already placed an order with our contact person Nadeem Kahn in Kathmandu. He had already arranged all school supplies as well as laptop and the necessary software when we arrived in Nepal. Thank you for that.