On April 25, we had witnessed the great earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale in Nepal. The quake was west of Kathmandu. We have seen and felt how much misery it brings. Throughout Nepal was the great panic. This fear we ourselves have experienced. There are thousands of dead, injured and homeless. There are still (heavy) aftershocks, sometimes with disastrous consequences again. It lacks electricity, water, food and medicine. International aid agencies have now begun transporting professionals and auxiliary materials to Kathmandu.

After the numerous aftershocks and a night out at the airport, we can go home safely. Unfortunately we had to leave the people of Nepal, this made us feel a lot of pain.

Today, May 12, 2015 the country was again rocked by an earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake was today at Namche Bazaar east of Kathmandu, close to Mount Everest.

Our foundation focuses on the district Okhaldhunga, Duble. Duble is about 75 km from Namche Bazaar. The first quake, there were a few houses damaged. People helped each other where it was and it was life after two weeks got underway just weather. Now the damage is enormous, the school and many houses are damaged and people are obliged to sleep outside or from fear.

But we can not and will not sit still as a foundation. Through our network in Nepal, we can provide targeted assistance, through local staff. But this money is needed. We therefore ask you to make a donation to account number IBAN: NL10 RBRB 0845 3272 08 in the name of foundation Milijuli, stating “earthquake.”

Our foundation has no overhead so that every euro will actually be paid to (emergency) assistance on the spot.

On behalf of the Foundation and our people in Nepal advance thank you for your support!

The situation in the Nepalese mountain community is Duble, as previously reported, poignant. About 43 families are homeless and have no access to sufficient food, medicine, blankets, clothing, soap and other personal necessities. All of them have a little rice, they can not cook because they do not have oil.

With your donations, we launched the campaign “after surviving an earthquake ‘

What we can do with your gift:

Cooking Oil
Medications (analgesics, antacids and the like)
Personal hygiene (among them soap, toothpaste)
Allows them to one month in advance. This takes some significant worries to make a start again to rebuild their villages. For some families also purchased tents because they have no materials to realize itself an emergency.

In the fall, after the monsoon, we will start rebuilding the village Duble and surroundings.