Hydro-Electric Central Duble

Hydroelectric Duble. In 2008 there were already plans for a hydroelectric plant. But especially during the dry summers, according to various calculations and measurements are not met the minimum three kilowatt. This amount was certainly necessary to all homes in Duble provide enough electricity. Therefore, the focus remained on solar panels for all homes.IMG_5631 - CopyEnd of 2013, 25 homes would be equipped with the new latest generation solar panels and after an offer was previously transferred the money. Shortly after that came a call from Kame Sherpa from Duble. There had been a village meeting and it was unanimously in favor of a hydroelectric plant. It was assured that it had sufficient chance of success. There were seven houses are equipped with solar panels planned and the remaining money would be used for hydroelectric power. After an emergency meeting within the board, it was decided to cooperate.IMG_0832 - CopyIn March 2014 left Anita and Jan to Duble and after a warm reception they were told that the hydroelectric plant was officially put into use. The next day there was a ceremony which was attended by almost all the inhabitants of the area. At the local river was a new stone building. There were prayer flags and a banner made for this opening hung. The ceremonial part consisted of a Lama who blessed the plant with incense and Tibetan prayers As a surprise came a group of three dressed Imanen that the water gods voted favorably by frenzied dancing and singing.IMG_0841 - CopyAfter the cutting of a ribbon, were allowed into the building of the hydroelectric power, the taps are turned and started to walk several meters on. There was added to the end of the dry season has now been achieved even 5 kW!IMG_0866 - CopyThe stone building was about 4 x 6 meter and the hydroelectric plant consisted of a metal container containing an impeller, where on two sides by water was sprayed from iron pipes. The metal container was the generator that electricity was generated, which was conducted with power to the home. Every connected household annually paid a fee to pay for maintenance and a person’s hydroelectric opens and closes each day.IMG_0946 - CopyOf course, by the company was checked throughout the water pipes, consisting of a plastic tube leading from the iron pipes, nearly perpendicular against the mountain side went up. At about 50 meters we had a 2.5 meter high container brickwork of about 3 x 6 meters, where water was collected came from three pipes. Via a grid ran the water in the plastic tube to the building. Also, they had an overflow through a tube that was standing in the box and just below the rim, the excess water through a plastic tube 2 brought back to the river. The 3 tubes were found each in different places and tens of meters upstream water to absorb.IMG_0946 - CopyThis one was even in the dry season still plenty of water. There were even some homes adjacent to Duble, with power. The Jana Yoti school in Duble and monestry were also connected to the network. The hydroelectric project can be considered very successful.IMG_5605 - Copy