Mr. Ang Dawa

During our trekking in 2015, was our English Guide Ang Dawa. We noticed that he was learning in the evenings. He wanted to learn German because then you earn more as a guide. Someone gave him a German textbook and he tried to learn from it. The problem was, how do you pronounce particular words in German. One day he asked us the pronunciation for zahlung and Zählung and what the difference was (pay or count). We saw that he did a lot of effort to learn German and that he, rather than English as much as possible German tried to speak with us . We decided that when we were back in Kathmandu, we were going to the Goethe Institute. Here are good German classes.

During our explanation at school we got the following advice: a German Guide should need certain requirements. There are 3 qualifications needed. A quick course takes about 3 x 3 months. The classes are 6 days a week from 07:00-14:00. Ang Dawa must travel by bus and switch 2 times to get to school. All this he will do. We made the appointment with Ang Dawa, that we would pay the first course incl. travel expenses and food (total € 200, =). Once he was successful for the first part, we will pay the next section. In June 2015, he would  start with the course. As you know, everything in Nepal got disrupted on 25 april 2015 and the time afterwards, by the many earthquakes that struck the country. Schools were temporarily closed and Ang Dawa went to give help in a local hospital. We got several emails from him, in which he apologised for not being able to follow the German lessons. Ang Dawa works for Multi Adventure. site:

This German Office is located in the Kathmandu View Hotel, near the tourist district of Thamel. In december I went search for him here. I was startled; almost all the guides were present and there was a large consultation with the manager from Germany. By the crisis was there at the moment almost no work. Great trips to the Mount Everest area could not continue. All this because there were no domestic flights possible and there was almost no more gasoline. The people here live mainly from tourism income and October to April are the busiest months. The German manager and the hotel owner have now decided that all guides gets German lessons from the hotel. Here we are of course very happy with it.
Everyone a lot of strength for the future and good luck with your German lessons and study.
Ang Dawa, viel Glück beim Lernen. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

This project for us is closed.