Watermill in Phalate

When you have an opportunity to fund a water-driven flour mill, then you should definitely do that. Such a mill saves a huge work for the women. They have the duty to make sure that there is enough flour every day. Without a grain mill, they need to do it each evening with a hand mill.
graanmolen Phalate Khola2

Previously we have already built a watermill in Bhotechaur. Many families are using it and we noticed that there was a need for another such corn mill and then closer to Duble.

A group of 71 households had plans to build a water mill, ‘ pani ghatta ‘ in Phalate Khola. But there was no realization, because as always there was a shortage of money.

The total cost for this corn mill finally amounted to € 557.45. After the moment that Kame Sherpa had received money, we get in 2015 an email with photos of the end result in Khola Phalate.
graanmolen Phalate Khola1


During our visit in 2017 it became clear to us that the mill was widely used. Everyone was very happy with it. However, there was a problem, when there is too little water the stones don’t turn around or turn too slowly. A device was available for this purpose, a kind of coupling, which they could put in between so that the stones did their work anyway. We decided on the spot that this link would be paid by the foundation, so that they could make optimal use of the grain mill all year round.