Approximately 4 hours walking from Duble is the town of Pokali. Here is a health centre, a mini hospital, which the people in the whole environment use. This Center is under the supervision of Namgel Sherpa. During the earthquake of May 12, 2015 is this center hit hard, with the first quake was the roof collapsed and its various walls severely damaged. It was thought at first that this ruins with a little modification and a new roof could be rebuilt. By the stichting Milijuli was in 2015 for that repair € 3065 transferred.


From the Kathmandu Vieuw Hotel and Diamir, a travel agency based there, we left with Phuri Sherpa as our guide, by jeep towards Cirici. This was a tough ride with many holes and bumps. The next morning we started early in the morning with a breakfast and a long day of walking to Pokhali.

Once we arrived, we were able to admire the completely renovated and extended region hospital.

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There was even a small pharmacy with a reception.

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We were happy to see how well this project was handled. The various rooms were already set up as operatingroom, a midwife room with the new maternity bed and hospital room with 2 new beds.

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We were kindly invited to spend the night in one of the rooms.

Meanwhile, we have understood that the hospital has 2 floors, with the 2nd floor being temporarily a kind of regional bank for the government. See report recovery homes and red cards.

The rebuilt hospital and the goods were handled well with our money, which we had paid as a foundation last year.

Unfortunately there were also some minus points, we sent Namgel an e-mail to inform him about this:

  • The ceilings and the floor of the 2nd level were made of wooden boards. There were large gaps in it. The disadvantage of this is that when someone walks on the floor all the dust and dirt gets through the gaps in the rooms downstairs. Not really suitable for an operating room.
  • In a large container layed used syringes. In another tray on the ground was still used bandage and cotton wool with blood. The table used for various purposes was used, we think, looked dirty.

How they will deal with this in the future cannot be controlled. We only referred Namgel to the hygiene it entails for the patients and expressed my concern about this. Hopefully they will pick this up and do something with it.


On the 24th June 2016, I get a nice mail with photos sent by Namgel Sherpa. The hospital is by hard work of all people from the area and donations from the Government and our Foundation for two-thirds finished. They still need windows, roofing sheets, doors and furniture. Thanks to your donations, we can transfer the remaining amount, making it too short of € 6000,= get paid.

Namgel thanks everyone, on behalf of all the people from Pokali and environment for this nice contribution.

F E D C BBefore the reconstruction


In december of that year I spoke also with Namgel in Kathmandu. He had walked 4 days to see me. After the several aftershocks, excluded a small adjustment or modification of the ruins. The entire hospital had to be considered as lost. He had drawings, which already were approved by the Government in Kathmandu. Now the entire center had to be built up again, it needed also immediately to extend 4 to 6 rooms. Total cost 2833555.20 Rs (about € 24.000). We’re going to see if we can achieve this for this year, so that the people from the mountain villages don´t need to go all the way to Kathmandu for medical care and assistance at childbirth.

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