From 1 January 2014, we as ANBIs on this web site publish the following information: Foundation Milijuli. Our RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number) tax number is 8178.64.611

Our mailing and visiting address is: In de Pas 3 5988KA to Helden.

You can contact us uittreksel_handelsregister (Registration number 14,094,379) and recognize the notarized copy (afschrift oprichtingsakte) deed which are a clear description of the purpose of the ANBI appointed.

Our directors and volunteers do not receive remuneration for the work they do.

Our (annual) reports financial accountability:

Oprichtings Akte 1

Oprichtings Akte 2

Kamer van Koophandel

Verantwoording 2012

Verantwoording 2013

Verantwoording 2014

Verantwoording 2015

Verantwoording 2016

Verantwoording 2017

Verantwoording 2018

Verantwoording 2019

Verantwoording 2020

Verantwoording 2021

Verantwoording 2022

Werkplan 2016

Werkplan 2017

Werkplan 2022


ANBI has some tax advantages:

ANBI pay no inheritance tax or gift tax for legacies and donations that the institution used for the common good.
Volunteers (Vrijwilligers) who works for an ANBI,  doing thus under certain conditions a donation to an ANBI.
Backers of an ANBI may deduct their donations (giften) from income or corporation tax.
Foundation Milijuli meets the requirements of the tax authorities and a decision that gives access to the above facilities. You can review the decision