Kame Sherpa

Medical expenses Kame Sherpa

As you might have read, this Foundation is started by Ton van der Kop after he had decided that Kame Sherpa will be “a good purpose”. We are now many years further and the health of Kame has been worse.

Since 2012 Kame has a kidney disease. He was very tired, had a swollen body and had a lot of pain. He stood every month under treatment in a hospital in Kathmandu. Of course he got presented an account for each visit to a doctor or hospital. By the Foundation is therefore an annual contribution to this for Nepalese concepts, high expenses.

For the past 3 years was working for Kame almost not possible.

In the first year were the various tests and treatments the largest costs.

Since 2015 goes it again slightly better with him. He still needs medication and occasionally he goes to the hospital for research.

We sponsored Kame with 100,000 Rs per year. (in 2015: 928.22 €)

At this time it is getting better with Kame and he needs less treatments/medications. Therefore this contribution has been scaled back.