Hygiene project

In December 2011 started the “Health Awereness” project.

This is a educationproject for health en hygiene.

An article written by Pradeep Tamang induced us to propose a Health Awareness project. In that article Pradeep Tamang described the bad situation concerning health care in Duble and he stipulated that better education was one of the possibilities which could help to improve this situation.

For projects in health care we do not have the knowledge neither the capacity, but supporting an educational project perfectly fits our objectives.

Our point of view is: It is quite something when you can make sure that there is half the cases of illness. That can be reached with more knowledge, better hygiene and often all in providing small tools such as soap or a toothbrush.

Each year there is a fixed amount to this project via Kame Sherpa. Of these are medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap ed. purchased.

If necessary, there were held information days.

Deelnemers aan het voorlichtingsprogramma.
Members of the education program

The project

When we gave notice that we were prepared to sponsor such a project the people of the local foundation Dublelee Milijuli Samuha (DMG) started to work on it. The project proposal is formulated by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Tamang and Mr. Kame Sherpa.

They found the experts, who could carry out the project. That was Ms. Lhakpa Doma Sherpa of the Rural Community Health Service Center Nepal in the neighbour village Ragani and a team of the hospital in the town Okhaldhunga (Public Health Unit Ragani), i.e. Mr. Dilli Karki, the team coordinator, and two of his assistants (Health Workers) Mr. Dipak Khatri and Miss Chandra Kumari Rai.

Also the chairperson and the treasurer of the Rural Community Health Service Center, Mr. Ang Kaji Sherpa en Mr. Namgyal Sherpa, were present.

Key Issues

-The program provides 3 days instruction which conforms to national programs in health care.

-From each household in the VDC one person is attending. Care is taken that the so called key persons (natural leaders, lamas, sjamans, teachers, representatives of some organisations) will be present. That brings the total number of participants to 152.

-On the occasion of this project we give the community two stretchers and each participant will be given 2 strips of Paracetamol and 2 sachets ORS (to make drink to be used during diarrhoea).

Subjects discussed

– Cleanliness
– Typhoid and respiratory problems
– Gender Violence
– Diarrhoea
– Safe motherhood
– Parasite worms
– Immunization and family planning
– Tuberculosis
– Medicines.

Pradeep Tamang’s article on health care in Duble (in English), that gave rise to the project you can read on the website of the Foundation Nijmegen Sherpa country (URhttp://www.nijmegen-sherpaland.nl/en/youtube-channel/77-health-care.html).

From the final report

  • it was appreciated that from each house in VDC-9 one person could participate,
  • it was a good idea that each morning the program started with a discussion of the matter learned the day before.
  • also the relaxed attitude during the three days was much appreciated.