Mrs. Yanghi Sherpa

In March 2016, Pem Doma closes the larger sister of Yanghi, completing her education at HIMS. She wanted to take a two-year course in the tourism sector. The parents of both children have been living in the mountain village of Duble for some time. This would mean that Yanghi would only remain in Kathmandu. Given her young age, we had to look for a different solution.

The quality of HIMS had deteriorated sharply over the past 2 years and internally at school we as a foundation did not find a good solution.

A child should grow up in a family situation. We went looking for an alternative and found it at the Dutch foundation Sathiko Sath. Following an interview, Anita has visited the following persons in December 2015:

-Ratna Kaji, manager of the Sathiko Sath houses and the

-Little Angels’ School: Address: Hattiban, Lalitpur. Website:

The first impression was very positive, both at school and in the home, there was a friendly atmosphere and attention for the children.

Ratna and his companions did everything they could to offer the children a warm home. After school they receive extra lessons, if necessary, there is a small playground behind the house with a vegetable garden.

Yanghi has been tested by her new school and can enter into class 5.

In order to arrange everything for the future of Yanghi, we have drawn up a contract in which we as foundation Milijuli transfer an amount to Sathiko Sath every year. Every year, the costs are reviewed.

In the beginning Yanghi had to get used to it, but after a few weeks it went nice and she found her turn.  In the first quarter, she has an A or even A+ for all subjects, the highest rating. So that is very good news.

August 2017

Nepal, too, is faced with huge wage and price rises.
An awkward side-effect is that the school year runs from 15 April to 15 April, but the tax year runs from 15 July – 15 July. The adjustment of school fees runs per school year and is therefore always known before 1 April.
The school fees for the current school year are as high as for the previous school year. The adaptation of the rentals of the dwellings is laid down in contracts and is therefore also known. However, the rest of the items are adjusted in relation to the fiscal year.
Unfortunately, the exchange rate is currently unfavourable to us. This means that the costs will be slightly higher this year.