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Publication date: July 1, 2012.
Stationery 1. In March Jan and Anita made a quick visit to Nepal. Together with Kame Sherpa and Pradeep Tamang they compiled a list of items, that would be very useful for the students at the Jana Jyoti school in Duble. These items were bought and when Kame went to Duble in the beginning of June, he took them with him.
They also were given a CD with the original pictures made during the start of the agriculture project. So I could replace sub-standard images at the website.

2. I translated the article of Pradeep Tamang concerning the availability of health care in Duble into the Dutch language.

3. We received a second progress report for the agriculture project

4. We received a request to sponsor a project for the renovation of the roof of the gompa in Duble. We rejected this request because the foundation does not sponsor religious projects. However, we forwarded this request to persons who are fond of gompa's and the role they still play in especially the rural communities.

5. I have started to add my Nepal-pictures to the site. However, for the time being, only to the Dutch language version. After completing that version I will start the translation jobs.

Publication date: March 15, 2012.

The educational project for the farmers has been started. (more in the project documentation)

Publication date: January 20, 2012.
The educational project 'Health Awareness' is successful completed. (more in News bulletin 14)

Publication date: November 23, 2011.
In October I have been in Nepal, together with Anita.
Of course we discussed the running and proposed projects in detail with our Nepalese partners:

1. Concerning the school in Duble and HIMS in Kathmandu everything will be continued as usual. We can garantee the sponsorship as long as the children visit the schools. At the start of this academic year we stopped the sponsoring of Furi, but after the verbal explanations of Kame and Pradeep we decided to resume sponsorship for this year.
More about the school sponsoring

2. In December 2010 it was clear that we could spend up to three thousand Euro on extra projects in 2011. We asked the people in Duble for proposals and from our side we proposed to study the viability of two educational projects. First a health awareness project and second a project for the farmers to show them the use of other and perhaps better products and seeds and also to experiment with other growing methods.
The people in Duble proposed:
- to improve the watermill in Duble,
- to produce electricity by building a pico hydropowerplant or by using solar panels,
- a PC and multifunctional printer to be used during the lessons at the school in Duble.

The watermill in Duble is already renovated and is running fine.

The health awareness project starts December 1.
The project is in accordance with national programs in this field.
More about the extra projects in 2011 (News bulletin 13)

Publication date: March 31, 2011
1. In March, Jan and Anita enjoyed a holiday in Nepal and they had some spare days to visit Duble.
more in News bulletin 12

Publication date: August 4, 2010
1. The treatment of Domini Sherpa is finished. She is home again..
more ....

2.The watermill in Bhotechaur is working.
more ....

3. The satchels, bought from the donation of the children of the Kombi school De Pas in Helden were given to the children at the school in Duble.
With a picture of this event we conclude this action.

4. A change in habits in Duble?
In Kathmandu, Kame Sherpa attended an instruction course how to build improved stoves from clay. In Duble and Bhotechaur, he already made 5 of these clay ovens, together with the villagers.
more in News bulletin 11

Publication date: Juni 20, 2010
1. Spending the donation of the children of the Kombi school De Pas in Helden.
In consultation with the teachers of the Jana Jyoti school, 92 large and 44 small school bags have been purchased.
Because there are now fewer than 136 pupils, the new pupils, next school year, will get a bag too.
read more in News bulletin 10

2. The number of children, that we sponsor at the Jana Jyoti school, increased from 18 to 19. A child from the Dalit caste joined the group.
read more in News bulletin 10

Publication date: June 6, 2010
On June 2 Domini was admitted in the hospital for next day surgery to remove the steel rods from her leg.
She now enters the last stage of her treatment, the revalidation - curing the wounds and learning to walk without crutches.
For all information about Domini, read the project page.

Publication date: December 27, 2009
1. Visit to Duble
During a recent trek I, Ton, have been in Duble for some days and looked if and how the solar panels and stoves, that we sponsored in the beginning of the year, are being used.
Further, the people of Duble proudly showed to me the Pakhe drinkingwater project they recently finished with the financial help of Stichting Nijmegen Sherpaland.
More about my visit to Duble in News bulletin 8.

2. Donation to the school
On the occasion of my visit we gave the school a new volleyball and an elektronic keyboard (Casio CTK-230). The teachers called it a piano.
It is powered by 9 Volts from a transformer or from 6 alkaline batteries. As there is no electricity at the school and buying batteries would be a problem, we added a 5 Watt solar panel, a 12 Volt lead battery, charge controller and a 12 to 9 Volt voltage regulator.
Picture in News bulletin 8.

3. Medical treatment for Domini Sherpa
Domini Sherpa is one of the children that we sponsor at the Jana Jyoti school in Duble. We made it possible for her to go to the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital in Kathmandu for an examination of her leg. Treatment proved to be urgent. So we decided that she should get the necessary treatment right away, not waiting for budgets and so on. We now pay for her treatment and stay in Kathmandu and hope that our financial reserves are sufficient.
Donations will be highly appreciated.
More in News bulletin 8.

4. Watermill in Bhotechaur
In the past I have been writing on this website: "When you have the opportunity to help the people in constructing a watermill, then you should not hesitate to do so, because a watermill saves the women a lot of time. Time needed for grinding by hand, with the 'jnato', or for walking long distances to a mill they can use".
I, myself got this opportunity in Bhotechaur, a neighbour village of Duble.
More about the watermill in Bhotechaur in News bulletin 8.

5. Children are helping
Together with Anita and Jan, I was invited by the 'Kombi school De Pas' in Helden (The Netherlands) to explain the students why and how Stichting Milijuli is helping children in Nepal.
A report was published in their school magazine, Kibbeljas-Info dated 14 januari.
More in News bulletin 8

Publication date: June 15th, 2009
We were informed about the death of Mathbir Tamang en Ngima Dawa Sherpa.

From the beginning of this academic year we sponsor Yangyi Sherpa. She started in the first nursery class, L.K.G., at the Himalaya International Model Higher Secondary School (HIMS).
She can walk to the school together with her older sister Doma, who was promoted to class 4, passing her exams with good marks.

Phuri Sherpa switched this year from HIMS to the Kumari English Boarding Higher Secondary School (KEBS). This school is situated in Boudha.

The teacher, Janga Tamang, now earns a full salary. So, there is no reason to give him a supplement any longer. We stopped giving the supplement.

We decided to start sponsoring the secretariat of Dublelee Milijuli Samuha (DMG). We sponsor them with 150 Euro yearly.
(more in News bulletin 7)

Publication date: February 16th, 2009
Pradeep Tamang, the person who writes the e-mails for Dubleli Milijuli Group, reports that all solar sets and stoves were installed.
(more in News bulletin 6)

Publication date: December 31, 2008
On 1-1-2009 Postbank will be integrated in ING. Consequently the IBAN and BIC of our account will change by that date.
New IBAN: NL30INGB0003269253.

Mathbir Tamang - born for bad luck? ...

I missed the opportunity to talk more with Phuri. We must recognize that it is not possible for him to pass the exams at HIMS ...

During the hike in Helambu I was keen to inspect the solar panels we saw ...

Further I saw an electricity distribution network in which for the backbone ABC cable was used ...

What I also noticed was that many people used iron stoves with stove pipes ...

Back in Kathmandu, we had a day devoted to the visit of two solar companies ...
(more in News bulletin 5)

Publication date: October 25, 2008
I had been looking deeper into the technology of the LED lamps and had reached the conclusion that it would be inexpensive to make and that it could provide enough light on the condition that they would get their energy from some NiMH rechargeable batteries ...

Their reaction was surprising. They came at all with the solar tuki, sold for Rs 3.500,- ...
(more in News bulletin 4)

Publication date: September 24, 2008
The representatives of Dublelee Milijuli Samuha completed their job. They got a quotation of a Nepali firm for a solar kit based on a 21 Watt panel. The kit contains 3 TL tubes of 10 Watt ...
(more in News bulletin 3)

Publication date: August 14, 2008
The community in Duble has discussed the report on the possibilities to construct a pico-hydropowerstation ...
(more in News bulletin 2)

Publication date: April, 2008
Donation of Stichting Milijuli to the Jana Jyoti Primary School in Duble ...

The Jana Jyoti Primary School in Duble has now 131 students ...

We decided to bring also some useful presents - for each child an exercise-book, a pencil, a rubber and a sharpener ...

Villages like Duble will not be connected to the grid in a foreseeable future. That is why I liked to judge the viability to construct a pico-hydro installation in Duble ...

During our visit Sumdja ('third daughter'), daughter of Nang Sere Sherpa, married. Nang Sere Sherpa, president of Dublelee Milijuli Samuha, invited us ...
(more in News bulletin 1)

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