How you can support the activities of the Dutch Milijuli Foundation

The English version of this site is mainly aimed at the people of Nepal, whom we like to give the opportunity to follow the activities of our foundation.
On the Dutch counterpart of this page we ask people for donations to help the people in the Duble area and we explain how they can do this in a more practicable way by conforming to specific tax regulations. We cannot advise you on how you could do this in your country. If you like to help the people in Nepal you will no doubt be able to find many appropriate charitable institutions in your own country. May we suggest that you look for one which aims to improve the education of children?

However, if you can't resist supporting our work for the people in the Duble area, we will be glad to accept your donation.

English speaking people might be able to help us in another way. We were asked for help with the acquisition of English langauage materials for small libraries to be established in remote areas, like Duble. Especially books that are of interest to children and of use in their learning some English, are being sought. The logistics of this operation are still to be sorted out so please contact us before despatching contributions.

Our account:

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