[Under the heading "Add-Ons" you will find personal contributions to the site of Stichting Milijuli.
The sub-headings "Tours/Treks" and "Pictures" are contributions of Ton van der Kop].

Usage of the pictures

You are free to copy any of the pictures on this site for non-commercial private use. I hope that you enjoy looking at them. In return I request that you respect my copyright.

I've de-activated the Images menu bar of Internet Explorer because I find it intrusive.

Would you like to acquire a higher-resolution image? You can. In return for a donation to the Milijuli Foundation we will send you a copy of the original image. However, the same copyright restrictions will apply.

For any commercial use we are happy to negotiate an appropriate commercial fee to be paid as a donation to the Foundation. We will then supply a copy of the original image and if desired, and where available, the corresponding RAW- file.

Naming of the pictures:
The file name contains a code which indicates with which camera the picture was taken as shown in the table below. This table also shows the maximum resolution of each camera. In the case of my pictures, these figures together with the final resolution provide a reliable means of determinig the amount of cropping that has been applied.

Camera code Camera name Resolution

Canon Powershot G3 2272 x 1704
C10D Canon EOS 10D 3072 x 2048
C20D Canon EOS 20D 3504 x 2336
C5D Canon EOS 5D 4368 x 2912
CA1 Canon camcorder XH-A1 1920 x 1080

PCD - Kodak PhotoCD, scan of a slide
N followed by a number - scan of a negative - resolutie 1772 x 1181

In september 2006 I started to incorporate the date and time the picure was taken into the name.