Ton van der Kop †

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Anita van der Kop

Ton in Memoriam, On 24 September 2012, Ton died at the age of 72. He always said that he was not as athletic as Otto, but in his lifetime he did enjoy marathons and mountain climbing. He loved technical details and liked to do computer programming by himself. He was also a great fan of photo-graphy and wanted to take excellent animal pictures just like Otto. Ton considered himself the “guilty part”, as far as the Milijuli Foundation was concerned, but “without Otto and Paul I would never have achieved that much”, he said. Whenever you read the word “I” or “myself” on this website, Ton is meant. As the one “mainly to blame”, he thought, he should do most of the work.

Ton wanted his ashes to be taken to Duble. His last wish is fulfilled in March 2013. Here you will find more info about this trip.

Otto is a sporty type, who enjoys taking pictures of birds and happens to be very good at it. You can see his pictures at Pbase Together with Otto I have made many treks/hikes in the Himalayas (Nepal and Tibet) and in the European Alps and Dolomites.
Otto still finds time to put a lot of energy into the athletics club AV Weert.

Another person, while not a member of the board, has done and is still doing very important work. That is Tony Ermers. If you notice a language error or an ambiguous sentence, then Tony has probably not yet looked at that page. Tony did most of the translating from Dutch to English, and so well that his text was occasionally used to improve the original Dutch text.

The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 14094379

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