Milijuli is a Nepali word that means doing something in co-operation.
By using this word with the Dutch word Stichting (Foundation) we like to show that Dutch and Nepalese people are working together.

The two dancers, left and right of this text, are Ghing, during a Mani Rimdu festival. They are servants of Guru Rinpoche.
The Mani Rimdu is performed to remember that Guru Rinpoche, in his emanation of Dorje Trollo defeated the demons in Tibet. The Ghing, two with cimbals and two with a handdrum, herald the imminent arrival of Guru Rinpoche at the Mani Rimdu.
We asked two Ghing to herald the appearance of the Milijuli Foundation on the web.

School children in Duble

Ghing with drum

Voetnoot image